From a previous post, I got help to sandbox my App (thanks to all, it is now working, I’m on the way to make it robust).


One point is the use of startAccessingSecurityScopedResource and stopAccessingSecurityScopedResource

From the previous thread :

6. When your app is relaunched, you must read in the bookmark data, resolve it to a “security scoped” URL, and issue a “startAccessingSecurityScopedResource” call to the URL. At that point, you can access the folder via that URL.


7. When you’re finished with the URL, you should issue a “stopAccessingSecurityScopedResource” to release limited system resources associated with it.

How much limited are system resources (how many URL can I keep started ?)


As my App is using very frequently the URL to access files in the folder, should I leave it permanently started or should I stop and repoen each time I need to access file ?

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