read NSDictionary from URLRequest

Hi Developer,


i want to access my Plist from URLRequest


my Dictionary contains only [String:String]  Key/Value and 1 or more subKeys with array of Dic [string:string].


it is not possible to create this Object directly from url or string result,

workaround (save local as tmp.plist and readDictionary from this file)

but the subkeys ( array of dic) are also of Tyle [String:ANY]


the object from Data or String (urlresult block) is __NFCDictionary,so cast it and create new NSDictionary,init(dic),

to Access the values now the values are not of Type ANY.

is it possible to create the object of type Dictionary contains the result of plist and not [String:Any]

to Access the Key/Values without create and init the new Dictionary ?



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