Array´s and Dictionaries

Hello, I start learning Swift for Xcode an came to my first interruption. Here I can not understand line 8. For my understanding it does not interface any of the given dictionary words of the declaration of the variable occupations in line 4. In line 2 I understand that array unit 1 (“catf

ish”) is replaced by “bottle of water”.


1  var shoppingList = [“catfish”, “water”, “tulips”, “blue paint”]

2  shoppingList[1] = “bottle of water”


4  var occupations = [

5  “Malcolm”: “Captain”,

6  “Kaylee”: “Mechanic”,

7  ]

8  occupations[“Jayne”] = “Public Relations“


Excerpt from: Apple Inc. „The Swift Programming Language (Swift 3.0.1).“ iBooks.

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