Oracle OpenWorld to Showcase IT’s Bold Future

IT pros have no shortage of hot technologies and trends they’re exploring, from chatbots and artificial intelligence to cloud-based infrastructure and platforms to microservices and serverless architectures. But IT pros also live in the real world of getting stuff done, so as they learn what’s possible, they’re also asking hard questions about whether a technology is secure, enterprise-scale, and within budget.

IT pros will find this balance of cutting-edge emerging technology and practical, expert-rendered advice at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, October 1 to 5 in San Francisco. Here’s just a sample of the hundreds of sessions on tap:

A Cloud Infrastructure Foundation

Your IT team needs all the flexibility and affordability of cloud, but you don’t want to give up the performance, governance, and control of your own data centers. Sessions on cloud infrastructure—by Oracle experts and IT peers—will show how to get both cloud and control.

In “Strategies for Mastering Cloud Adoption,” for example, you’ll get advice from customers and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Senior Vice President Don Johnson. In “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: The Basics, the Shiny New Stuff, and the Future,” you’ll learn about 100-plus new functions Oracle has added since announcing its all-new approach to infrastructure as a service last year, from a key architect of that cloud, Clay Magouyrk. And in “Move Over, Picasso. We Use a Different Canvas—Oracle’s IaaS!” representatives of Grant Thornton will share how they use IaaS for rapid development and prototyping.

A Platform to Drive Innovation

Cloud infrastructure provides the foundation, but some of the most exciting work IT teams are doing involves platform as a service, from extensions of cloud applications to API-driven integrations to the new customer interactions made possible through chatbots.

You’ll hear about these innovations and more in “Top Five PaaS Use Cases Driving Real-World Value for Enterprises,” featuring Oracle Cloud Platform Vice President Siddhartha Agarwal. And in “Oracle Cloud Platform Strategy and Roadmap,” you’ll learn about some of the most powerful PaaS capabilities, from cutting-edge AI and blockchain services to improved platforms for security and big data analysis, from Oracle Cloud Platform Senior Vice President Amit Zavery. More than a dozen sessions tackle blockchain development and strategy.

It All Comes Back to Data—and the Database

Data drives your business, so which cloud database can deliver all that your strategy will ask of it?  

In “State of the Art Cloud Platform: Database,” Oracle Executive Vice President Andy Mendelsohn will provide the strategy and roadmap behind Oracle’s seminal data management platform. Likewise, Oracle Senior Vice president Juan Loaiza’s session, “Oracle Exadata: Disruptive New Memory and Cloud Technologies,” will explore how transaction processing and analytics benefit from remote direct memory access, dynamic random-access memory, nonvolatile memory, vector processing, and other advancements. And if you’re a database pro looking to modernize how your team works, check out “Agile Methodology and DevOps for Database Developers and Admins,” featuring Shay Shmeltzer, Oracle director of product management.

Modern AppDev Strategies

Enthusiasm is running high for microservices architectures. If your team’s embracing microservices, don’t miss “The Part They Don’t Tell You About Microservices,” where Capital One LLC developer Muktesh Mishra will share his stories of debugging, monitoring, and more.

Containers are also at the center of modern development and deployment strategies. Two great examples of the many container insights to expect at Oracle OpenWorld: “Stepping up to the New Stack: Oracle Container Native Experience,” featuring Oracle Software Development Vice President Mark Cavage; and Pattern Matching the Genome at Scale with Docker and Kubernetes,” which will provide a real-world, life sciences use case for a modern architecture.

Hundreds more sessions await IT pros eager to accelerate and modernize how they build, deploy, and support applications and IT infrastructure. Register for Oracle OpenWorld 2017, or browse or search the catalog of strategic and technical sessions.

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